4,500 sqft.


Chartered by a group of telephone company workers, this credit union was formed to help people seeking a better financial alternative and to improve the quality of their financial lives, which remains true to this day. Praxis3 along with Level 5 was asked to provide a concept that has a new modern look for a Headquarters branch that would connect with young millennials and promote forward thinking service offerings. The CEO asked for a collusion of design aesthetics integrating elements of an Apple Store, W Hotel, Virgin Airlines and the Tokyo Skyline. This concept would also develop a kit-of-parts system that can be scaled and implemented in the other branches throughout the DC metro area. The client wanted to make a minimal yet effective statement to enhance the exterior of the building functioning to let members know something new is happening inside. A modern color palette was chosen for the exterior and the signature glowing green fins repeat along the fa├žade to give a high-tech feel and connects the building identification to the front entrance. Once inside and greeted, members have the opportunity to engage and connect with this new branded environment featuring a touchscreen communication lounge and a high-tech dialogue pod for financial transactions. Praxis3 presented concepts that push the boundaries of integrating graphics, furniture, and brand, which has transformed this space from a traditional setting into a service-centric model with a more welcoming, open, and interactive feel.