Praxis3 gathered into our main conference room to watch Apex: The Story of the Hyper Car. We had all the movie viewing necessities covered – popcorn, chips and dip, and beer – wait, who forgot the Swedish Fish! Despite Hyper Cars being the extreme edge of the industry, Praxis3 is always excited to learn more about an industry we work so closely with. As the story develops of these incredible cars and what is motivating the innovators who make them, you can hear audible “ahhs” from the thoroughly entertained Praxis3 crowd. When they show off the test drives, the laughter begins, because to see the speed these cars can go and the cornering they are capable of is simply exhilarating.


About Praxis3: Praxis3 is an architecture + multidisciplinary design firm serving a diverse array of clients across the country. Our clients include leading universities, technical colleges, automotive groups, developers, local governments, financial institutions, and retail groups. Founded in 1997, Praxis3 is based in Atlanta, Georgia. During our 18 year history we have excelled at customer service and our work is the recipient of numerous design awards and client accolades. For additional information please contact Ryan Stancill 404.849.8114


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