Praxis3 employees work extremely hard to produce the great projects we have a reputation for creating, but we also know that everyone needs some time to recharge our batteries and enjoy life. In July, Praxis3 reserved several houses at the exclusive Big Canoe community located in the North Georgia Mountains for a three night retreat to treat the staff and their families. As you can see from the photos, the turnout was fantastic – even better than last year! Using the hashtag, #P3BC2016, everyone started posting and sharing photos of the trip. We had a huge cookout at the Wildcat Pavilion Friday afternoon, and a lovely happy hour event on Saturday at the infamous Eagle’s Nest, hosted by our conscientious principals, Craig and Stuart. We soaked up a bit of the sun (and the rain) as we swam in pools and lakes and enjoyed natural rock slides and obstacle courses. A large crowd of P3-ers even made a trek down the Chessatee River on a kayak/canoe adventure, happy to stop at the beach half-way through to swim and hang out as a group. There have been whispers of Poker Nights lasting way too long as well. The Praxis3 Retreat at Big Canoe was a great way to unwind while getting to know our coworkers and their families a little better.


About Praxis3: Praxis3 is an architecture + multidisciplinary design firm serving a diverse array of clients across the country. Our clients include leading universities, technical colleges, automotive groups, developers, local governments, financial institutions, and retail groups. Founded in 1997, Praxis3 is based in Atlanta, Georgia. During our 18 year history we have excelled at customer service and our work is the recipient of numerous design awards and client accolades. For additional information please contact Ryan Stancill 404.849.8114


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